5 Ways to Prevent A Car Accident

While driving, Its your responsibility to drive with care for your own and others safety. Here are some things to be aware of to reduce the risk.

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Even when you feel like you can drive after having a single drink. Don't Risk It. Similarly do not drive when you're tired.

#5 Drive When You are at Your Best

Keep your focus on the road. Don't get distracted by phone, mirror or food while driving.

#4 Be Attentive

If you ensure to follow the traffic and driving laws, it reduce the likelihood that you'll cause a car accident.

#3 Always Follow the Law

Regular maintainence of your vehicle is crucial for its safe operation. It prevent accidents.

#2 Don't Skip The Check-up

Weather its a short drive or long trip, never forget to buckle up that seatbelt. Wearing seatbelt reduces 50% risk of getting serius injury.

#1 Buckle Up While Driving

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