8 Signs Your Disability Claim May be Approved

Here are some signs that you will be approved for disability benefits

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1. Provide Sufficient Medical Evidence

A document signed by your doctor that confirms your medical condition should be submit along with your application.

2. Demonstrate You Cannot Perform Work

SSA may deny your application if you don't provide suffecient evidence to prove your disability prevents you from working for atleast 12 months.

3. Earned Enough Work Credits

SSA established the number of work credits needed to qualify the benefits by referring to the age when an aplicant first experienced disability.

4. Earn Less Than CGA

SSA guidelines set the minimum monthly SGA based on the severity of an applicants disability.

5. Meets Non-Medical Requirements

You need to meet non-medical requirements in order to be approved for benefits.

6. Can't Work for 12 Months

7. Your Condition Meets A Blue Book Listing

8. Hired a Social Security Attorney