10 Interesting Facts about Atlanta Aquarium, Georgia

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#10. Its Among the best aquatic health center on the globe

Georgia Aquarium is known as Correll Center for Aquatic Animal Health. It offers a clinical medicine and aquatic animal pathology.

#9. Georgia Aquarium ensures high security

All visitors are checked before entering the aquarium. Objects like lighters, knives, guns, and matches are forbidden in the vicinity.

#8. It received a million visitors in first 100 days of opening

The number of visitors that streamed in within the first 100 days of Georgia’s Aquarium was a record one million visits. 

#7. Georgia Aquarium has more volunteers than staff

The aquarium has over 500 employees. At any given time the aquarium has over 1000 volunteers.

 The aquarium displays its species and animals in seven exhibits and galleries. Each gallery or exhibit represents a given environment.

#6. It has its animal habitats in seven galleries

The whale shark species is the aquarium’s centerpiece. The exhibit has 24 million liters or 6.3 million US gallons of water.

#5. Georgia Aquarium has notable species

Bernard Marcus visited 13 countries and 56 aquariums to get exposure. Marcus and his wife gave $250 million to aid the construction.

#4. Georgia Aquarium was debt-free at its opening

Construction of the Georgia Aquarium started in May 2003. The aquarium opened to the public on 23 November 2005.

#3. Georgia Aquarium took less than two years to construct

In United States, Georgia Aquarium is unbeaten in every sense. It has defended first place since opening in 2005. 

#2. Atlanta Aquarium, Georgia is United States’ largest aquarium

in 2005 Georgia Aquarium was the #1 largest aquarium in world. Now according to Guinness Book Chimelong Ocean Kingdom in China is #1 aquarium.

#1. Georgia Aquarium was once the world’s largest aquarium

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