10 Interesting Facts About Rachel McAdams

Racheal McAdams is a Canadian actress, known for her roles in The Notebook (2004), Mean Girls (2004), & Sherlock Holmes (2009).

Rachel McAdams was born on 17th November 1978 in London, Ontario. Her parents are Lance and Sandra McAdams.

In childhood, Rachel started competitive figure skating and she topped many competitions and won awards.

Rachel won the Best Kiss category in the MTV Movie Awards for a kiss with her fellow actor Ryan Gosling in movie The Notebook.

Rachel McAdams was inducted into Canada’s walk of fame for her accomplishments as one of hollywood's respected acteress in 2014.

Rachel McAdams had few relationships including actor Ryan Gosling, Michael Sheen and director Jamie Linden.

In 2007, Rachel launched an earth-conscious website called Green is Sexy, It provided environmental conservation tips.

Rachel does not own a car, Instead she prefer bus or bike ride for daily travel. Her home in Toronto is also powered by renewable energy.

Rachel is a sports lover since childhood, she practice yoga and live an active lifestyle to keep herself fit.

Rachel McAdams is seriously alergic to Horse hair.

Rachel McAdams Doesn't Act Scenes That Expect Her to be Nude.

In 2006, Rachel had some time off from acting and the glaring public eye to be without anyone else and consider what she wanted in her career.

Rachel McAdams Prefers Negative roles for Acting.

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